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Purplebox, Qatar's newest e-commerce platform, partners with Qatar Post as logistics provider

Qatar Post and Foresight Communications Consultancy signed a logistics partnership agreement to provide premium delivery services to the newest e-commerce platform “PurpleBox” and promote the use of e-Commerce in Qatar. The new platform, is a ( “B2B” and “B2C”) solution that provide end-to-end e-commerce transactions (selling – online payment – delivery) to local merchants selling through traditional shops or home-based businesses promoting their products through social media such as Instagram.

Faleh Al-Naemi and Howaida Nadim Signing Agreement

The signed agreement stipulates the delivery of products from the merchants to buyers within 24 hours from placing orders. Qatar Post through its nation-wide network has the capacity and fleets to deliver orders to Purplebox customers anywhere in Qatar or by arranging delivery through Q-Post smart lockers locations.

Mr. Faleh Mohammed Al Naemi, Chairman and CEO of Qatar Post and Ms. Howaida Nadim, CEO – Foresight Communications, the owner of PurpleBox platform, signed the agreement this morning at Qatar Posts headquarters.

To mark the occasion, Mr. Faleh Al Naemi stated that "signing this agreement with PurpleBox is an integral part of our keenness at Qatar Posts to support local startups in the emerging field of e-commerce. As we know e-commerce has become an economic engine to stimulate growth in all segments of the private sector - retail and wholesale. Qatar Post is committed to work with local SMEs as part of its consistent efforts to support the government directives of actively engaging the private sector and SMEs contribution to the national economy. "

On the same note, Ms. Howaida Nadim, a co-founder of Purplebox, emphasized the significance of building Qatar-based platforms and said that PurpleBox is the ideal marketplace for Qatari merchants and local business particularly SMEs, startups and home-based business.

She also added that PurpleBox provides marketing and promotion services to on-board sellers to advertise their merchandizes and take advantage of the express delivery service provided by Qatar Post fleet.

Commenting on the release of the new service, Engineer Mohamed El Bashir, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at PurpleBox, stated that platform is developed with highest standards and functionalities. “Purplebox will enhance the online shopping experience of for the customers and merchants as well, customers will be able to explore the merchants online stores and buy Qatari local products utilizing the platform multiple channels - a web-based platform and native apps based on Apple iOS and Android to maximize reach to all smart-phone users in Qatar. Purplebox will be launched in October 2017.”

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