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Why business and industries in Qatar need inbound marketing?

In today’s competitive economic environment, businesses can’t compete nor scale locally, regionally or internationally without a viable online presence (web, social and mobile). Whether, your business is in retail or technology, potential customers should easily find you online through websites, blogs, social media or a combination of all.

However businesses can’t set digital assets alone without creating good and interesting content to drive customers to their products and services. A new term currently used by automated marketing providers is called “Inbound Marketing” – which is mainly using marketing channels and tools to bring potential users or customers to you (as a business) rather than fighting for their attention. On the other hand, “Outbound Marketing” consists of pushing the product in front of potential customers through advertisements for example.

The key pillar of a successful inbound marketing is developing the right, relevant and interesting content to attract customers to your business, and buy your product or services, otherwise your competitors will fill the void. In this blog we will share the inbound marketing methodology which consists of four phases with the aim to transform audiences into satisfied customers. But these 4-phases should be treated as a process to achieve desired results. (credit to Hubspot)

Attract – Conversion – Closing – Delight. Here is a brief description about each step.

1. Attract: this is the discovery phase to attract the right visitors to find your business online. You should use segmentation approach to reach those targeted visitors by creating quality content suitable to their preferences and interests. This step will work once you define your (buyer’s persona) and keep addressing their needs with persistence. Here strangers will be become visitors. 2. Conversion: convert the traffic from those visitors into leads, it’s important that you work on quality content rather than quantity. You need to define a marketing strategy for your business. With the regular publication of relevant content, you will be able to attract new visitors to your blog or website, and at the same time, you begin to earn their trust. Lead generation should be bolstered with a combination of marketing tools emphasizing on “Call to Action” activities. Here visitors become leads.

3. Closing: This is the engagement phase, each step needs to be very structured to ensure leads accept your offer and buy. Usually, following a consistent approach towards inbound marketing will generate many leads – but having leads won't make or close sales. As we know, sales cycles can be very lengthy but businesses should be patient and consistent in their inbound marketing tactics to remain relevant in the mind-share of their customers by hammering quality content on time. Here leads will turn into customers.

​4. Delight: an inbound marketing process wouldn’t end by signing a customer. Still there is a further step of “nurturing” to keep your customers satisfied. A very happy customer will share your product or service on social media and tell their contacts about it. They will promote your product just because they love it. Delighting an existing customer is easier than getting a new one and can have a huge impact on your business. And here customers will become promoters and advocates of your product or service.

So if you are a local business based in Qatar, Foresight Communications will be pleased to provide its support to help your business reap the untapped potentials of inbound marketing and optimize your digital footprints. Contact our team at

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